This is an entry into IGDA's Orca Jam that takes place in Victoria, BC. It is an irreverent take on the theme of 'Fall' whereby it was decided that we would pretty much ignore it completely. The closest you get is that the bird can both 'fall' from the sky and so too can its 'leavings'. 

Controls - 
WASD / Arrows / Gamepad left joystick - Movement
Q / Left Shoulder Button - Poop / Peck
E / Right Shoulder Button - Zoom
Space / A Button - Flap! (You'll do this a lot)

There is no point to this game and no ending condition. Maybe someday?

GitHub Repo:
  Code: Nick Heilmann, Dylan Gedig, Neil Petrick
  Art: Sienna Blumstengel,

Development log

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